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If you own, operate or otherwise promote a A Real Estate and Property related website, advertising it on the Home Page of is not only beneficial and inexpensive but also fast, convenient and easy.

You can get your A Real Estate and Property related static banner + text ad published on the Home Page of this directory for a small listing fee of just US$ 25.00* per month (minimum run of 3-months). If you order for periods longer than 3-months, the per-month listing fee reduces further. (Please refer to the pricing chart on the right hand side.)


The advertising format and specifications are as follows:
* Duration


Per Month Total












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Banner Pixel Size : 120 x 46 pixels (non-animated, 5kb file size max)

Link (Anchor) Text : 25 Characters max

Banner Alter Text  : (50 Characters max, optional)

Here are some of the additional benefits your site can enjoy through our Home Page Banner + Text advertising option:

Fast Review : Your ad will be processed within three business days.

Placement : Your banner will be displayed on our home page as a static advertisement for the entire duration of your order.

Direct link to your website, with your preferred linking anchor text.

You can also provide alternate text relevant to your site which will be displayed with your banner as MouseOver / ToolTip.
Increased search engine link popularity and visibility.

All banner ads are subject to our editorial approval. In case your ad is not approved, we shall refund the full amount that was paid by you.


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