Do I need to renovate my property before I sell my property? Here’s why you MUST!

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Renovations could transform a drab property into your dream house. But everybody’s dreams are distinct, and the jury remains out on how renovations influence your property value.

Before you begin hacking away in your walls, then it is worth it to think about the ways that the functions can impact the desirability of your house to potential buyers, and also to understand how to use renovations to your benefit to enhance your selling value.

How renovations influence resale value 

It’s hard to supply a precise estimate of just how much it could boost or decrease your house’s cost.

However, what’s sure is that renovations do, in many instances, favorably impact resale value.

It had been advised that through a resale condominium trade, an indicative valuation could be asked by a lien and the present status of the property (whether newly renovated or initial state ), would help determine the valuation.

“In HDB trades, generally buyers are more inclined to pay a small premium to get a renovated apartment in contrast to your flat in its initial state.” as shared by an agent.

But each purchaser differs. Typically, younger buyers tend to customise the house for their tastes and are consequently less worried about present renovations compared to having the ability to update the décor.


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It was noted that the buyers aged between 26 to 32 tend to choose for original-condition homes as the cost is reduced in comparison to renovated homes and they’re able to invest in their very own renovation. Buyers past that age group tend to go for homes which are in a move-in state with minor functions to be accomplished.”

Also, it is essential to keep in mind that the value of your renovations will not continue forever. As a general guideline, recent, stylish renovations are somewhat more inclined to improve property value than elderly, outdated renovations, which might turn into a liability.

“When the renovation has been completed 10 to 15 decades back, probably it is a responsibility as opposed to a characteristic of the home. Renovation design goes and comes, and with the majority of the buyers belonging to the younger audience, and some renovations over a decade old will probably be deemed conservative,” shared by Mr Kwek, an agent.

Renovations that will boost your house’s resale value.

1. Renovations only enhances your selling position if possible buyers enjoy them and would like to maintain them.

It was noticed that a positive correlation involving property and renovations worth often, but warns that this is subject to how far the buyers enjoy the visual appeal of the house.

“When the home is well remodeled, it provides the purchaser an excellent initial impression. This feel-good belief will enhance the opportunity for selling the home, rather than a home that’s in first state,” shared by Mr Han.

2. Buyer loves to see the potentials of the units and simple renovation helps.

It’s advisable in opting for non invasive, neutral-looking renovations instead of daring, polarising looks.

“When it is done in a neutral motif with few built-in things such as attribute cabinets or walls, it would be a lot easier to market and at a much higher cost,” he states.

What is the safest bet?

“Minimalist for certain,” states Mr Kwek. “Fewer built-in things means more space for design creativity and not as much hacking the purchaser’s side.”

Renovations which are possible buyer turn-offs 

1.Bold and irregular designs

Mr Kwek warns,”When the renovation is highly personalised with colour and design which caters mostly to the preferences of the vendor, it’s very likely to pull down prices or have difficulty finding a purchaser.”

Vibrant colors might express your vibrant character, but they are a lousy thought when selling your house.

“Walls which are Purple, green, or some other color that is powerful in character would create a poor first impression. What we need the purchaser to recall when they depart the device is the way bright, and it was, rather than because it’s a color that does not sit well together,” states Mr Kwek.

2. Knocking down walls to merge rooms

“Though it leaves the space considerably larger, usually it’s more disadvantageous than valuable. If a buyer wants to purchase a home with three bedrooms, it’s because they want three bedrooms.

3. Open kitchens

The same holds for open-concept kitchens that, while quite trendy at the moment, might be impractical for buyers who wish to perform plenty of heavy cooking.

4.Built-in carpentry

Constructed carpentry might allow you to customise your furniture, however, it is not necessarily a fantastic idea when it is time to sell the house.

“Too much built-in design function like research tables, beds or cabinets is sometimes not desired. Whether there are built-in cupboards, be certain they’re in impeccable condition. The design may not match the taste of the purchaser. Or they may be too old to maintain. To eliminate them might damage flooring that the purchaser plans to maintain,” warns Mr Han. 

5. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are just another no-no since it’s too much hassle to eliminate and maybe an overkill visually. As attractive to the greatest possible number of buyers is very likely to boost your advertising cost, it is a fantastic idea to go for renovations which will interest the masses–minimalist with a lot of white.

Conclusion: Renovations can be very subjective. 

Popular layouts are highly seasonal, and mature renovations which are no more trendy can turn into a liability.

Highly personalised renovations can also lower your asking price because buyers may want to eliminate them. After all, in the event that you revived your home to express your distinctive character, it is not unreasonable to presume that buyers will wish to do precisely the same.

The majority of the brokers surveyed stated that buyers tend to inspect floors, the kitchen and baths throughout home screening sessions since these will be the most expensive areas to overhaul. That been said, it is more about performance than aesthetics.

It was noted that the kitchen and bathroom are inclined to be places that a number of the customers desire to redesign, so rather than obsessing about the plan, it might be worthwhile to make sure these places are in good shape and all stains, water flows and unevenness are eliminated.

Thus, inspect carpentry beneath the washing regions, assess the ceiling for escapes, test the water pressure of their faucets and hope for the best.

Tips for sellers looking to sell their place

Declutter — Eliminate unwanted things and whatever appears worn out or broken. Buyers often favour a chic, bright and airy appearance that is free of clutter.

Repaint – A new coat of paint could immediately make your house appear fresher and more modern.

Replace broken floors — Potential buyers tend to inspect floors for abuse and unevenness. If yours is profoundly damaged, it is possible to opt for cheaper materials such as vinyl or laminate.

Bleach and wash bathroom — A filthy bathroom is an immediate turn-off, so wash and bleach it before seeing sessions.

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